BUMS Admission in Punjab, Unani Colleges, Fee Structure and Eligibility

BUMS Admission in Punjab: Find all details about Unani colleges in Punjab with their admission procedure, counseling, college facilities, fee structure and eligibility here.

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About (Qualification for B.U.M.S Admission):

Unani, a time-honored alternative medical system, empowers patients by harnessing the innate healing prowess of their own bodies. The core principle of Unani revolves around the remarkable ability of the human body to rejuvenate itself through self-healing mechanisms. Our role is to facilitate this process by amplifying the body’s natural healing potential through the application of Unani medicines.

Unani medicine, steeped in antiquity, has earned its place as the fourth most sought-after healthcare system in India, trailing only behind allopathy, ayurveda, and homeopathy. Much like Ayurveda, Unani recognizes the presence of four elemental constituents within the human body: blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile. This alignment of fundamental elements renders it equally as renowned and favored as Ayurveda.


Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery (BUMS) is one of the popular degrees in the field of Unani medicine. It is the UG degree which is almost sufficient to get the job. This degree is awarded after the completion of 5.5 years academic programme containing the 4 .5 year academic session and 1 year internship programme with live practical. The undergraduate programme in Unani system can be pursued through the distance education system.


The basic requirement for the eligibility to get the admission to BUMS programme is qualifying the 10+2 examination with 50% marks. The candidate must have the physics, chemistry and biology in 12th class. The students who have the language Urdu in 12th class or having proficiency in Urdu language has given the preference in admission.

Candidate aspiring for B.U.M.S. course must have passed Intermediate (10 + 2) with Physics, Chemistry & Biology, Urdu is compulsory up to 10th class or equivalent Education.

Age: Candidate must have attain minimum 17 years of age as on 31st December of the responding year.

Contact-: EDUTECH +91- 09389097888 – 9140349449

Course BUMS [Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery]
Type Graduation [Degree Program]
Duration 5 Years and 6 Months [Including 1 year of compulsory internship]
Eligibility 50% in 10+2 with PCB as main subjects
Admission Procedure NEET-UG Qualified
Required Age Minimum 17 Years
Fees Structure Varies according to the college facilities
Job Opportunities Unani Doctor, Consultant, Medical Officer, Professor, Therapist, Scientist, Hakeem