Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan 2024: Admission, Fees, Eligibility & Colleges

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan 2024: Experience the thrill of embarking on a professional medical journey with the renowned Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, fondly known as MBBS. This undergraduate course in Kyrgyzstan, dedicated to the study of allopathic medicine and surgery, opens doors to a promising career in the field of medicine.


While choosing to pursue MBBS abroad in Kyrgyzstan may seem like a challenging decision, the rewards are truly worth it. Upon completion of the course, students have the option to further their studies with MD or MS programs, or venture into independent medical practice. The title of “Dr.” becomes a proud prefix to their names, symbolizing their achievements.


The opportunities for MBBS graduates from Kyrgyzstan extend far and wide, both within and beyond the borders of India. Although the course may be demanding and lengthy, with associated expenses, a dedicated and diligent student can recoup their investment in less than a year through lucrative career prospects.


Success in the MBBS journey hinges upon a student’s unwavering commitment to learning and a serious approach to their studies. The initial three years of the course follow a standard curriculum, while the final one and a half years allow students to choose their preferred subjects for specialized study. With numerous esteemed medical colleges around the world offering MBBS programs, students can tailor their educational path based on their grades and successful entrance exam results.


Aspiring medical students often begin preparations well in advance to secure admission into reputable medical institutions, a testament to their unwavering determination to achieve their dreams.


MBBS Admission In Kyrgyzstan, Procedure, Eligibility, Fee Structure

Similar to other medical professional courses, the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery program in Kyrgyzstan spans five and a half years, comprising four and a half years of rigorous academic study and a mandatory one-year internship period.


It’s crucial to note that this internship is unpaid and holds significant importance in obtaining the degree. It is not a mere formality, but a hands-on, real-time experience where aspiring doctors put their theoretical knowledge into practice, under the watchful guidance of seasoned medical professionals.


These experienced mentors impart their wisdom and instill the correct practices in the students, shaping them into competent medical practitioners. The performance of students during their internships also plays a pivotal role in determining their marks and eligibility for selection by renowned and established hospitals for campus placements.


While students do get the opportunity to practice in labs, the real essence of practical learning happens during the internship period, where they get to apply their skills in real-life scenarios. This immersive experience is invaluable in preparing them for the challenges of the medical profession.


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MBBS Course in Kyrgyzstan and College Facilities

For those aspiring to pursue MBBS from Kyrgyzstan, a plethora of options await, with both government and private colleges offering this esteemed course. It’s not limited to India alone; many other countries also provide opportunities to study Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. However, for students eyeing international institutions, it’s essential to clear the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam as a prerequisite for applying to overseas programs. This language proficiency test serves as a crucial step towards fulfilling their aspirations of studying MBBS abroad.




Kyrgyzstan has emerged as a top choice for Indian students looking to pursue a career in medicine, with over 10,000 students from India currently enrolled in various medical streams and colleges after completing their senior secondary education in India. Now, you may be wondering, is Kyrgyzstan a safe destination for Indian students? Well, the answer is a resounding yes! In fact, with India’s Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi, fostering strong diplomatic ties with other countries, Kyrgyzstan is among those nations where Indian students can feel safe and welcomed.


Nestled in Asia, Kyrgyzstan is the 55th most populous country in the world, with a population of over 5.9 million and spanning an area of 199,951 sq. km. However, it’s worth mentioning that Kyrgyzstan is also one of the poorest countries globally, with 31.1% of its population living below the poverty line. The mountainous terrain that covers 80% of the country poses challenges for agriculture and cultivation, resulting in limited economic opportunities. Nevertheless, Kyrgyzstan is striving towards development, with numerous international students, including those pursuing medical courses, choosing Kyrgyzstan as their destination.


In recent years, Kyrgyzstan has been witnessing significant investments in building new colleges, including medical institutions, all across the country. These medical colleges have become a major attraction for Indian students who aspire to pursue their medical careers. India has long been known as a global hub for education, and Kyrgyzstan benefits from this as Indian students learn medical practices in their home country and then apply their skills during the mandatory one-year internship in Kyrgyzstan’s hospitals.


While the patients receive quality treatment, the hospitals do not charge for the services provided by these interns. Despite not receiving payment during the internship, the students gain valuable experience and exposure, which ultimately benefits their future careers. After all, medical education is in high demand worldwide, given the increasing prevalence of diseases, making it a promising career path.


However, it’s worth noting that students may face challenges with the language barrier, as the national language of Kyrgyzstan is Kyrgyz, while Russian serves as the official language. Learning the local language or communicating with others may pose some difficulties, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor.


One of the advantages of studying in Kyrgyzstan is the pristine environment, with 80% of the country covered by mountains and hills, providing a conducive atmosphere for students to breathe in fresh air and study in a serene ambiance. The peaceful surroundings of Kyrgyzstan make it an ideal choice for medical education, where distractions are minimal, allowing students to focus on their studies.


In conclusion, Kyrgyzstan has become a favored destination for Indian students aspiring to pursue a career in medicine due to its affordable fee structure compared to Indian colleges, opportunities for internships, and serene study environment. Despite the language barrier, Kyrgyzstan’s growing development and efforts towards providing quality education make it an attractive choice for Indian students seeking a medical education abroad.


There are many colleges and universities that provide MBBS and other relevant medical courses at very reasonable rates.


Best Medical Universities in Kyrgzstan For Pursuing MBBS Course-

  • Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University
  • Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy
  • Osh State University – International Medical University
  • Jalalabad State University


During the Internship, students get the best hospitals with modern technology and the latest equipment for practice. The hospitals have enough vacancy to accommodate a large mass of students. These hospitals are relevant for the students pursuing any course.


Advantages of Doing MBBS From Kyrgzstan:

When it comes to pursuing an undergraduate medical course, Kyrgyzstan has emerged as the top choice for many Indian students in recent years. The appeal of Kyrgyzstan lies in its excellent academic programs and opportunities for learning in the field of medicine. You may be curious as to why so many students are flocking to Kyrgyzstan for their medical studies.


Here is why:

  1. The college fee for mbbs in Kyrgyzstan is way cheaper than the medical course fee in any college all over the world. Kyrgyzstan provides reasonable scholarships to the deserving candidates.
  2. Quality of education is preached in this country. The mode of the language of training and academic sessions is English.
  3. Classes are conducted in small batches of students ensuring the quality of education.
  4. International students get separate hostels with the 24 hours electricity and water supply of cold and hot water both for the whole year. Veg and non-veg food are provided to the students. Indian food in most of the government colleges is available.
  5. The atmosphere is a study table and safe for students. With fresh air and water, students experience good quality meal. This directly leads to good physical and mental health.
  6. The country is survivable and financial crisis doesn’t rise for the students. Although they can still join some part-time jobs to earn good pocket money.
  7. Best quality hospitals are provided to the students for internships. They get the latest medical equipment and learn modern practices.
  8. The medical degree of Kyrgyzstan colleges is recognized worldwide including the World Health Organization, European Union, The International Medical Education Directory and General Medical Council, UK.
  9. Students after completing MBBS or any relevant medical course from Kyrgyzstan universities are eligible for MCI screening test.
  10. The best thing is that the students need to clear any TOEFL or IELTS test to pursue any course with English instruction medium.
  11. Many students waste years while trying to crack entrances for medical. In Kyrgyzstan, there is no need for entrances. Anyone can go and apply to any of the medical colleges in their preferred courses.


Placement and Scope After Course Completion

Everyone learn to earn. Why are we running after medical? That’s obvious. Because we want money. Now that the course is completed, you must be wondering what to do next?


Here is the detail of all the careers you can adapt after completing MBBS Course from kyrgyzstan:


  • Lecturer: Anyone who learns a course or subject becomes a master of it. You can choose to pursue further studies in the same field and learn more about it. After that, you become eligible to teach in any of the government-affiliated or private universities. It depends totally on you. The lecturers of medical get paid a high fortune. It can range between 3 Lack to 7 Lack per annum depending upon the college or university. This is the best career option for those who don’t want to spend much time in practice but want to earn somehow thee lecturer is a highly paid and respectful profession.
  • Surgeon: A surgeon makes the most money in the world. Yes, this is true. Imagine how much one needs to pay while they go through any heart surgery or plastic surgery. It ranges between 1 lack to 5 lack per surgery or even more. Depends on the type of surgery. All the money belongs to surgeons. After all, it is the hardest profession in the world. Once a surgeon, you need to forget sleep for days. The surgeries can go for as long as 3 days back to back. Imagine how much hectic it can get? Depending upon your course and practice, you can choose the field of your surgery surgeon is a respectful profession as well. After all, a surgeon is next to God. They sacrifice their life and sleep to ensure yours.
  • Private Doctor: Private doctors make a reasonable amount of money. They have their own clinics and practice medication over there. Well, to be a private doctor, you need to work very hard. Not everyone can earn as a private Doctor. Regularity, practice and good communication between the doctor and patient is required. To treat a patient, you need to understand their problems. Once you have enough respect in society and your clinic is known in the locality, you will need less hard work. Private doctors to earn a decent amount ranging from 1 Lack per year to 30 Lack per year. Practice makes a doctor perfect.
  • Government Doctor: Why is everyone dying to get into medical these days? To become a government doctor. This is the preferred profession of all. The reason why everyone wants to become a government doctor is that even after everyone is earning more than the government doctors, financial management is almost equal. This is because government doctors don’t need to sacrifice sleep as much. They only need to work when the patient is there. Not much hard work is needed. The salary is fixed. The government provides various facilities for their employees and ensures lifetime payment even after the retirement in the form of pension. Government doctors get leaves as well, unlike private doctors. The profession is less money making but the benefits are worth leaving the money. What do you need when you get respect, enough money and all the government facilities?
  • Private Tutor: One of the best career choices can be of a private tutor. Remember how you rushed to coaching centres for training of entrance exams? Or when you needed extra guidance during your academic sessions? How much did it cost you? A thousand per subject per month is least. Imagine a batch of 40 students giving a thousand INR each for 1 hour. It makes it INR 40,000 for one month an hour. If you teach only for 4 hours a day, you can easily make as much as 1 lack of 60 thousand a month. Calculate further per annum. Once you are a master of a subject, you can open a coaching centre for personal or private tuition and start teaching there. You can also provide career counselling for the students. Ensure you are good at explaining. Teaching isn’t a career for everyone. Also, everyone wants to be taught t be a graduate in the same degree.
  • Author: What you’ve read can be written by you too. If you think that the details about a particular topic in a book are less and they can be expanded by you, go for it. Become an editor or writer or author. You can write your own books for medical students. What all you need to do is take out some time, write and write and write. Write wherever you know about a topic. Every refresher is at least INR 500. If you sell 500 copies of a book (least) it will be INR 2 lack 50 thousand. And if your books are recognised nationally, you can easily make around INR 50 Lack to 1 crore with a single book. Medical books are in demand. Everyone wants easy language and understandable explanation of the topic.


Why Choose Kyrgyzstan For MBBS Course-

Kyrgyzstan has emerged as the ultimate destination for aspiring medical students in 2024. With no eligibility barriers and no need to crack any entrance exams, Kyrgyzstan offers an English lecture model in its top-notch medical colleges, boasting of beautifully designed infrastructure that will leave you awe-struck. Once you step foot in this country, you won’t want to leave.

The medical practices in Kyrgyzstan follow modern methods, making it easy for students to learn and excel in their studies. What’s more, Kyrgyzstan offers world-class education at an affordable cost, making it the most cost-effective option for medical aspirants. With numerous colleges to choose from, enrolling in Kyrgyzstan is a breeze, giving students ample time to take up part-time jobs and earn a decent income for their personal expenses or future savings.


Upon completing their medical studies in Kyrgyzstan, students can look forward to lucrative job opportunities worldwide, depending on their career preferences. Kyrgyzstan truly provides an unbeatable combination of quality education, affordability, and promising career prospects for aspiring medical professionals.


Some other countries to pursue MBBS Abroad Other Than Kyrgyzstan: