MBBS in Bangladesh 2024, Admission, Fee Structure and Eligibility

MBBS in Bangladesh 2024: The MBBS degree course is also quite popular in Bangladesh, especially for aspiring medical candidates who are looking for admission to abroad colleges. If we take a look at the expenses, the cost of pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh is quite affordable and according to global standards. For MBBS abroad in other countries, the rules are quite strict, but in Bangladesh, admission to the MBBS degree programme is very simple.

The medical universities in Bangladesh have top-notch infrastructure and qualified educational staff in each affiliated MBBS college. The course duration here is also similar to that in other countries, which is 5 years. This guide will help you to know all the information about the MBBS course in Bangladesh, including the fee structure, college facilities, admission process, and visa application.

Study MBBS in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is very close to West Bengal and is an easy country to reach from India. So if you want to stay close to the Indian community while pursuing an MBBS programme, then without even thinking, choose Bangladesh for the admission process. Also, the education offered by top medical colleges in Bangladesh is of high quality, and the main medium of instruction is English.

Some candidates might be confused about the validity of an MBBS degree certificate from Bangladesh in India. You must be aware that an MBBS degree from Bangladesh is 100 per cent valid in every part of India. Along with the curricula of the MBBS course, students must complete 1 year of an included internship in the medical programme. If we see the accommodation, which is also reasonable in Bangladesh with excellent facilities, The MBBS colleges in Bangladesh are also MCI-approved, which clears up the doubts of authenticity among the students. Don’t wait; just make up your mind and consult with our MBBS consultant, who will guide you through every step of the admission process for the MBBS course at the best medical universities in Bangladesh.

The Indian parents are also confused about the fee structure in MBBS colleges in Bangladesh, which is quite affordable compared with pursuing MBBS in any other country. Generally, the estimated fees come in the range of 30 to 40 lakhs, which is very little if we check the structure of fees in other European countries. So without worrying about the budget, you can opt for an MBBS course in Bangladesh.

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh 2024


The medical aspirants who are waiting for the admission process in Bangladesh medical colleges should hurry up as the NEET results were out a few days ago. Everybody is now hurrying up to search for the best medical college and to book their seats, as they are limited. In Bangladesh, the NEET scorecard is also compulsory to take admission, but there is scope for direct admission in a few medical colleges.

If you are feeling confused about your career and worried about your future, just connect with EduTech’s MBBS consultant, who can guide you through the whole admissions process. In the past, hundreds of students have taken our guidance to get admission into top MBBS colleges abroad. Our experience speaks for itself; just give a call to our counsellor to have a bright future.


Course MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
Type Graduation [Degree Program]
Duration 5 Years and 6 Months [Including 1 year of compulsory internship]
Eligibility 50% in 10+2 with PCB as main subjects
Admission Procedure NEET-UG Qualified
Required Age Minimum 17 Years
Fees Structure Varies according to the MBBS college
Job Opportunities Scientist, Doctor, Lecturer, Gynaecologist, Health Consultant

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Eligibility Criteria

Now, let’s look at the exact eligibility criteria for MBBS course admission in Bangladesh.

To secure admission into the MBBS program, aspiring students should meet the primary educational criterion of having completed their 10+2 education with a commendable score of no less than 50%.

This prerequisite applies to candidates who have graduated from acknowledged education boards such as CBSE, ISCE, State Boards, or any other board of equal recognition. Additionally, aspiring medical professionals who wish to pursue their studies in Bangladesh must partake in the obligatory NEET-UG entrance examination.

Moreover, candidates must have attained a minimum age of 17 years during the admission process. Fluency in English is imperative for medical aspirants, although the IELTS examination is not mandated.


Fees Structure

When it comes to embarking on an MBBS journey in Bangladesh, it is of utmost importance to familiarize oneself with the comprehensive fee structure, which tends to vary across different universities. While pursuing an MBBS degree in Bangladesh is widely regarded as more affordable when compared to India and various European countries, the estimated cost typically falls within the range of 25 to 40 lakhs. However, it is worth noting that slight variations may occur based on the facilities offered by individual colleges.

While there are additional charges to be borne by students, such as examination fees, ID card charges, and miscellaneous expenses, rest assured that these fees pose no significant financial burden on parents. Our consultancy takes pride in guiding students through a transparent breakdown of charges well before the admission process commences, eliminating concerns regarding any hidden costs. Understanding the paramount importance of financial matters in the pursuit of education, our primary objective revolves around comprehending the students’ aspirations and aligning them with a college that best suits their requirements. So, let us unlock the gateway to your MBBS dreams and pave the way for a brilliant future.


Career Opportunities After MBBS Course:

The MBBS degree is almost a guarantee for a high-paying job in the medical and other sectors also. Still, we have listed some of the career options which are highly paid.

MBBS Doctor: Upon finishing the MBBS program in Bangladesh, students have the opportunity to pursue a lucrative career as a medical practitioner, reaping the rewards of a high-paying profession. Qualified candidates can expect to receive compensation in alignment with the prevailing industry standards, making it an enticing option for those venturing into the medical field.

Lecturer: For individuals aspiring to impart knowledge and educate others, the path of becoming a lecturer presents a promising opportunity. Embracing this role not only allows you to refine your educational expertise but also opens doors for personal growth, enabling you to seize even more rewarding prospects down the line.

Scientist: While research may not captivate the interest of the masses, for those select few students who possess a fervent curiosity, embarking on a career as a scientist proves to be exceptionally rewarding. Presently, numerous health and pharmaceutical companies eagerly seek fresh MBBS graduates to spearhead research initiatives aimed at innovating new medicines and medical products. In pursuit of their ambitious goals, these companies are willing to invest substantial sums, with salaries reaching the million-dollar mark. Although demanding in terms of dedication and hard work, the compensation packages associated with this path surpass those of nearly all other career options following the completion of an MBBS course.

Gynaecologist: Following the successful completion of their MBBS course, students have the opportunity to embark on a highly lucrative career in gynaecology, a field dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare and specialized treatment for women’s reproductive health and intimate well-being. With a rising demand for ayurvedic medication among women, this particular domain offers a promising avenue for MBBS graduates to delve into, opening doors to a rewarding professional journey.

EduTech, a prominent EduTech consultancy, excels in extending comprehensive assistance to aspiring MBBS students seeking admission in esteemed international colleges. Specializing in navigating the intricacies of such scenarios, EduTech emerges as a trusted ally in the pursuit of overseas medical education. Furthermore, candidates can rest assured when it comes to securing placements. In Bangladesh, the majority of medical universities go the extra mile in facilitating opportunities for students to secure coveted positions within renowned healthcare organizations, alleviating any concerns related to post-graduation career prospects.



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