BAMS Admission In Bareilly | Best Colleges In Bareilly UP 2024

BAMS Admission In Bareilly | Best Colleges In Bareilly UP 2024

Absolutely! Here’s a breakdown of some of the best BAMS colleges in Bareilly, UP, for your 2024 admission consideration:

Top BAMS Colleges in Bareilly

  • Gangasheel Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital, Bareilly
    Dhanvantari Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital, Bareilly
    Future Ayurvedic Medical College, Bareilly
    Rohilkhand Ayurvedic Medical College, Bareilly
    Kritika Ayurvedic Medical College, Bareilly
    A.N.A Ayurvedic Medical College, Bareilly
    RK Institute of Ayurvedic Medical Sciences, Bareilly UP

Important Factors to Consider

  • Accreditation: Ensure the college is accredited by the National Commission for Indian System of Medicine (NCISM) and affiliated with a recognized university.
  • Faculty and Resources: Investigate the faculty’s experience, qualifications, and the college’s resources, like libraries, laboratories, herbal gardens, etc.
  • Clinical Training: Look for colleges with attached hospitals for ample hands-on experience.
  • Placement Opportunities: Research the college’s placement record and career support for graduating BAMS doctors.

The Admission Process

  1. NEET Qualification: The primary requirement is a qualifying NEET-UG score.
  2. Uttar Pradesh State Counseling: Participate in the centralized counselling process.
  3. College Selection: Apply to colleges in Bareilly, with careful consideration for the factors mentioned above.

Additional Tips

  • Visit College Websites: Get detailed information directly from their official websites.
  • Speak to Alumni: Contact former students, if possible, to get insights into the college’s environment and academics.

 BAMS Admission Facilities in BAMS Colleges of Bareilly:

  • Hostel building: For girls and boys
  • Separate canteen for food.
  • Playground for outdoor sports
  • High-speed internet is available on campus.
  • Herbal garden with more than 100+ species.
  • Hospital building on BAMS college campus
  • OPD and IPD units
  • Modern Labs with the latest equipment.

Remember: The best college for you ultimately depends on your priorities and goals. Consider the mentioned factors carefully to make an informed decision.


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