Beehive Ayurved Medical College Dehradun

Beehive Ayurved Medical College & Hospital stands as a prominent institution in northern India for Ayurvedic healthcare and education. Affiliated with Uttarakhand Ayurved University, Uttarakhand, it distinguishes itself as a hub of excellence, fostering high-quality education, research, training, and consultancy in Ayurveda. Nestled amidst pristine greenery on the outskirts of Dehradun, its serene environment offers an ideal backdrop for learning. The college leverages the collective expertise of its esteemed faculty to fulfill its objectives effectively. In line with the burgeoning growth of Ayurveda, Beehive Ayurvedic Hospital contributes to meeting the escalating demand for skilled Ayurvedic Physicians. Our commitment lies in grooming future doctors who embody a holistic understanding of individuals—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Physicians trained at Beehive Ayurvedic Hospital exhibit a profound grasp of various medical disciplines and uphold strong ethical values, which serve as their cornerstone. Our educational approach combines contemporary insights with practical Ayurvedic knowledge, ensuring relevance in healthcare practices.

A Journey Through Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the “science of life,” is an intricate holistic system with roots tracing back thousands of years. It focuses on the delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit, aiming to treat the root cause of ailments rather than just the symptoms. At BAMC, students delve into the profound concepts of Ayurveda:

  • Doshas: The three fundamental energies of Vata (air/space), Pitta (fire/water), and Kapha (earth/water) that govern our physical and mental constitutions.
  • Diagnosis: Traditional Ayurvedic techniques like pulse diagnosis, tongue analysis, and observation, used to understand an individual’s unique health profile.
  • Treatment: A vast range of therapies including herbal remedies, dietary recommendations, yoga, meditation, and detoxification procedures tailored to each patient.

World-Class Education at Beehive Ayurved Medical College Dehradun

BAMC, affiliated with Uttarakhand Ayurved University, provides a rigorous and transformative academic experience. The curriculum meticulously covers the vast knowledge base of Ayurveda, alongside relevant aspects of modern medicine:

  • Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS): The flagship program, providing deep theoretical understanding and practical clinical exposure.
  • Faculty: Experienced Ayurvedic scholars and practitioners dedicated to sharing their knowledge and expertise.
  • Facilities: Well-equipped laboratories, a comprehensive library, and a sprawling herbal garden offering hands-on learning opportunities.

The Beehive Ayurved Medical College Dehradun Experience: Beyond Academics

BAMC fosters a holistic environment where students not only gain knowledge but also develop compassion and a commitment to serve:

  • Clinical exposure: The on-campus hospital provides extensive practical training under expert supervision, preparing students for real-world patient care.
  • Community outreach: Students participate in health camps and awareness programs, extending the benefits of Ayurveda to the wider community.
  • Yoga and Meditation: Regular practice to promote students’ own well-being and cultivate a deeper understanding of mind-body connection.

Is Beehive Ayurved Medical College Dehradun the Right Choice for You?

If you feel a deep calling towards natural healing, possess a thirst for ancient knowledge, and are driven by a desire to serve humanity, Beehive Ayurved Medical College could be the perfect place to embark on your journey.

Admission Highlights 2024-25

  • Visit the official College website to swiftly access information regarding costs, eligibility criteria, campus facilities, and available seats.
  • Prospective students are also encouraged to delve deeper into the current admissions procedure.
  • Prior to commencing the application, it’s crucial to acquaint oneself with these aspects. Contacting the college administration for further insight into the application process is advised, particularly since eligibility hinges on passing the NEET exam.
  • Our administrative team is equipped to provide comprehensive guidance, ensuring a smooth and informed application journey.
  • We suggest engaging with one of our seasoned admission counselors to gain a thorough understanding of the NEET counseling protocol.

       Beehive Ayurved Medical College Dehradun

College Name Beehive Ayurved Medical College & Hospital
Address Beehive City, Central Hope Town, Selaqui, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Type Private Ayurvedic College
Affiliated with Uttarakhand Ayurved University Dehradun
Approved By NCISM (National Commission for Indian System of Medicine)
Course BAMS
Seat Intake 100
Fee Structure N/A
Entrance Exam NEET-UG


Admissions Procedure for BAMS 2024-25

To pursue admission at Beehive Ayurved Medical College Dehradun, candidates need to adhere to the following online application process:

  1. Visit the official Website –
  2. Provide your NEET entrance exam roll number and email for registration.
  3. Complete the necessary information and proceed with the payment to confirm registration.
  4. Upon successful registration, receive confirmation and transaction details via SMS, followed by the requirement to submit security money for eligible candidates.
  5. Await the publication of the merit list on the college’s official website.
  6. Ensure preparedness with requisite documents if deemed eligible for further admission processes.

BAMS In Dehradun, College Admissions, Eligibility, Fees and Placements

  • Age Requirement for BAMS Course: Minimum 17 years.
  • Educational Criteria: Completion of 10+2 education with PCB subjects and a minimum score of 50%.
  • Documents Required for NEET Counselling: Identification proof (voter ID, Aadhar card, or passport), 10+2 and 10th-grade mark sheets, character certificate, domicile certificate, and 8 to 12 passport-sized photographs.
  • Duration of BAMS Course: 5 years and 6 months of regular college education, followed by a 1-year internship.
  • Campus Placements: On-campus placement opportunities available.

College Facilities

  1. Hostel  (Boys and Girls)
  2. 24 Hour Emergency
  3. Hospital – IPD Unit, OPD Unit and Modern Labs
  4. Seminar Halls, Auditorium
  5. Library (10,000+ Books and Ayurvedic Journals)
  6. Herbal Garden (200+ Medicinal Species)
  7. Ambulance
  8. Wi – fi
  9. Local Transport
  10. Experienced Staff
  11. Extra Activities
  12. Sports

For all kind of admission guidance about BAMS in Beehive Ayurved Medical College Dehradun contact our medical admission consultant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NEET entrance examination compulsory for admission in Beehive Ayurved Medical College Dehradun?

Yes, NEET cut off is required for BAMS course admission.

What facilities does the institution offer?

It includes amenities such as a library, hostel, sports facilities, gym, and a safe and secure environment.

What medical services are available at the hospital?

The hospital boasts a range of medical facilities, including general beds, ICU beds, as well as Bipap and ventilator equipment.

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